Dream11 Expert Tips – Choosing contests to Win

Dream11 Expert Tips #1 Choosing contests to Win


(TL;DR- for those who don’t like to read long articles)


  1. Goal should be to make money consistently.
  2. Small Leagues and H2H contests are the best ways of making money.
  3. Mega contests, really large contests have very poor odds of making more money than what is put in. So be prepared for losses here.
  4. Hedge against your risk of playing mega leagues, by playing small leagues also.
  5. Suggested contests are some that offer the best odds.
  6. Play Multi entry contests with 6 teams and apt narratives.





Every fantasy player wants to not just win, they want to win big. That desire is what drives every user to put up hard earned money into these contests. If you, as a player are serious about making money, then your goals and expectations should be aligned to that. The number one goal should be to make more money than you put in, especially over the long term. There will always be bad days and there will be great days, but even a normal day must mean more money than what you have put in. One of the biggest factors governing this is the actual contest that you participate in.


A big mistake that most fantasy players make is choosing the wrong contest to play. Almost everyone, including us, have made the same mistake in the past and we have learned from it. For the lucky few who are yet to lose money by choosing the wrong contest, we hope this will prevent you from making the mistake. For those who are still choosing the wrong contests, we hope this will be an intervention and will prevent you from making it again.


Let us start by looking at the type of contests:

Single Entry: A single team per contest for an account.
Multiple Entry: Multiple teams (upto 6) per contest for an account.

Single Entry Contests

These simply are the best chance for you to win money. The only problem is that you don’t make a lot more compared to what you put in.


Head to Head

Picture 2

You can play against one particular player, and the winner takes it all. It is the most traditional form of the game and you have a 50% chance of winning. It is better to have a safe team which can beat your opponent and all your players need not make it to the DreamTeam. You typically win an additional 73.91% of the entry fee for the contest.


Small League

Picture 3

In the small league, you can compete against a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 7 different players where the ‘Winners’ count and winning ‘Prize Pool’ varies. The stakes are much higher than head to head and eventually the chances of winning are reduced depending on your opponents’ count. Typically, you can win a maximum of 2.8 times of your actual investment amount.


Expert Tip:- Before joining a Single Entry contest, you can actually take a look at your opponents’ ‘Playing History’ and compare your recent performances against those players. You can then opt to skip or compete with that player(s). This is normally hard to do as you get closer to the match time as contests get filled very fast, so we recommend scouting your opponents early and joining the contest you like, well before the match’s start time.

opponents ‘Playing History’

opponents ‘Playing History’


Multiple Entry Contests

Grand League/Mega Contest


Picture 4


You can also compete in a contest with lakhs of fellow gamers where the ‘Winners’ count, and ‘Prize Pool’ also varies from lakhs to nil. You can have a maximum of 6 teams in this contest and it is suggested to select your teams based on different narratives which might be applicable to that match. You can have a look at our different teams for each match in our pre match review available on Fan Duniya app. We make in-depth analysis and publish separate articles on how to create these 6 teams.


If your team finishes on top 61%, you have a chance of winning the minimum amount. On an average, 1 or 2 of your teams will be earning prize money, as your teams will be designed for different outcomes in a match. If you want to get your money back from one team, then that team should finish in top 0.18%. The odds are very low and only pro players usually prefer it.     


If entry is Rs. 49 for a Grand League team and you have six teams, your actual money used is Rs. 294. If you finish in top 106/27,00,000 in anyone of your teams you get a minimum of Rs. 10,000. Those are pretty poor odds for someone who is looking to make money from these contests only. For which, you need to have about 10 out of the 11 players making it to the DreamTeam and a perfect captain/vice-captain pick.


If you are playing these contests, be smart and hedge risks by playing small leagues/other contests which have much better odds, so that you don’t end up with a net loss. The day when your team choice is great, you will anyway make money from all these contests.


Hot Contests

This set of multiple entry contests can fetch you decent money. There are multiple contests available with different entry, spots, winners and prize pool. The odds are slightly better than Grand League contest and your chances of winning those leagues are explained below.


Suggested Multi-Entry Contests

The following are a couple of contests we highly recommend players to consider. Obviously, you need to get into this only when you are experienced enough and ready to take this risk. This means, you can consistently win H2H and Single Entry contests. 6 teams is pretty much a mandate for making money. But our view is that these contests offer the most chance of making money over the course of a tournament.


The ₹199 contest: High risk, high reward.

We get it, putting ₹1,200 is neither feasible nor easy for everyone to do. However, simply put one 10K win is a 50x return and is quite achievable, and will more than likely to take care of your losses for the season. However, you must get quite good to be comfortable to play these games. This is where we have had our most consistent winnings.


Entry: ₹ 199

Spots: 31,000

Winners: 9,350

Prize Pool: 50 Lakhs


Rank Prize Money (Rs) Chance of Winning (%)
1 – 100 10,000 0.33
101 – 600 1,000 1.93
601 – 9350 400 30.16



The ₹ 99 Contest: Lower Entry, Higher risk, higher reward

Towards the end of the IPL, Dream11 has been changing this contest quite a bit, so the actual prize breakup might be different. Nevertheless, this is still a very good contest to play.


Entry: 99

Spots: 66,666

Winners: 22,390

Prize Pool: 50 Lakhs


Rank Prize Money (Rs) Chance of Winning (%)
1 – 40 10,000 0.06
41 – 140 1,000 0.21
141 – 390 400 0.59
391 – 22,390 200 33.59


The 39 Rupees Contest: Low risk, low reward, high odds

This is a low entry barrier contest, where 6 carefully constructed teams gives you a good chance of making money. We suggest going with this initially, before you get into other higher entry contests


Entry: 39

Spots: 339

Winners: 150

Prize Pool: 10,000


Rank Prize Money (Rs) Chance of Winning (%)
1 1,000 0.29
2 600 0.59
3 – 4 300 1.18
5 – 6 200 1.77
7 – 30 100 8.85
31 – 100 50 29.50
101 – 150 30 44.25


Other Contests

You can also create your own contest and compete with friends for practice as well as a maximum prize pool of Rs. 10,000. You can also select the winning break up and limit the number of players.


We hope you win, and win big. If you do, please let us know. It really makes our day. As always, if you have any thoughts/ comments, do share them on Facebook @fb.com/fanduniya.in or Tweet at us @fanduinya



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