Dream11 Expert Tips for World Cup 1 – Transition from IPL mindset to World Cup

Dream11 Expert Tips for World Cup #1 Transition from IPL mindset to World Cup

Transition from IPL mindset to World Cup (T20 to ODI, India to England)


Is playing a World Cup fantasy contest any different from playing an IPL fantasy contest? If yes, what are the possible changes provided so that you can pick the best possible players, irrespective of the tournament? Are there any external factors which need consideration before selecting your team? These are some common questions which would have popped in your mind, once you saw the title. Let’s discuss briefly about the transition.


T20 to ODI

The first major difference is adapting to ODI format. In T20’s a 10-ball 30 or an important wicket can turn out to be match-winning both in an actual match as well as in your fantasy match. The same might be crucial in an actual ODI match too but, let’s say in a match where 350+ runs are chased you can actually afford to miss a player who scored a 10-ball 30 and yet end up winning the contest, provided you have other top performers. Similarly, in an ODI innings where a batting team is bowled out, you can afford to miss a player who actually got that crucial wicket. So, primary consideration should be given to players who convert their start to a bigger one.


Going for a safer team or risky team primarily depends on the contest in which you are partaking in, irrespective of the tournament. You may read more about it on Which contests should you play?

India to England


The first thing that strikes everyone when people talk about cricket in England is the advantage pace bowlers have over the spin bowlers. Let’s compare the data for pace and spin bowlers in ODI cricket since 2017 at England.


From the above table, it is clear that the popular belief about pace bowlers enjoying more success than spin bowlers in England is absolutely true. Pacers have picked up almost 2.5 times more wickets than the spinners at a much better average and strike rate.


In terms of fantasy cricket numbers too, pace bowlers have outperformed spin bowlers. On an average, pacers score 161 points per match whereas spinners score only around 94.


However, a majority of pundits are expecting the conditions during the world cup to be very hot and dry, which could mean spinners will play a big part. Spinners might have slightly better numbers than the actual trend, if conditions do favor them, still pacers are expected to pick a considerably high number of wickets than spinners.



Whatever said and done, looking at the recent scores posted by teams, we can expect even the best of bowlers to have off-days and the World Cup tournament may see more match winning performances with the bat than with the ball.



As far as batting is concerned, the tracks at England have become more and more batsmen friendly and it is very evident from the fact that a lot of 300+ scores are being scored here in recent times.

Since 2017, England has been the best place to score runs for batsmen as they average 37.55 per wicket and are almost 3 runs more than the next best venue, India. The strike rate is also very high when compared with other teams. So, it is clear that you should go for more batsmen and batting all-rounders in your XI.



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